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Our focus for the last month or so in Wednesday services, has been the subject of power and authority. There has been very interesting discussion, as well as an increasing desire to see the fruit of our studies born in the life of the family. We have been blessed as a church body to see many undeniable miracles of God on a continuing basis. It would be easy to relegate these occurrences to happen-stance, or perhaps to the sovereign will of God. I would ask those who argue this case, does it bring scriptural comfort and peace to believe that the serving of God and the results thereof, are at the discrimination of "fate", or the "winds of life"? I would dare say, it would be a hopeless state to give oneself to the God of all creation, both seen and unseen, if He and His servants were governed by fate or the adversities of life. As for the sovereign will of God, we need only look into the scripture to find the revealing of His Sovereign will. God was implicit when He spoke through James 4:2, saying, have not because you ask not...and in Mark 11:24, ...whatsoever you desire, when you pray believe that you receive it (before you hold it tangibly) and you shall have it...Again in James 1:17 we are told that every good and perfect gift is from above (God), and in John 10:10, that He (Jesus) came to give life and that more abundantly. Conversely, the same verses declare the work and intent of the devil when it declares, the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.

Certainly, I do not propose that we command God, and He must obey.  If I may be so bold as to say, God sent Jesus to REDEEM mankind, not only from the penalty of sin, but also from the curse. The fall in the garden not only separated man and God in the spiritual sense, but it also opened the door for the blessing of health and provision to be lost. Christ, the second Adam, restored all that the first Adam lost on the behalf of mankind. Before Jesus went back to the Father, He stated in John 16:7, that it was necessary for those who believed on Him, that He go away. The reason for the departure of Jesus was the opening of a new era for the church. This new beginning would be the marked arrival of the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost. He would now be the continued Presence of The Godhead on earth; now indwelling those who have become children of God, through salvation,  by the blood of Jesus Christ. As blood-washed, Spirit-filled servants of God, we now have residing within us, the Third Person of the Trinity. All of the authority and power of God now is resident in us, to be used at His direction and discretion, to manifest the kingdom of God on the earth.

Therefore, let each of us purpose in our heart and spirit to allow full sway and reign to the only wise and holy Lord of all heaven and earth. As we understand our sole desire must be to hear Him speak, to know His heart and to obediently go forth in the supernatural anointing of God, so let us go forth until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our God!