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Pastor: Ellis Cross


Finance Director: Judy Schaefer


Assistant Treasurer and Church Clerk:  Mary Westberry

Sound and Technical: Kim Morr


Music Director: Gail Hines


Piano and Organ:  Dorothy Hines

Bass Guitar:  Denise Cross

Drums: Gene Bigsby III, Terry Lynch

Assistants:  Ashley Puebla, Jacky Schafer


Children & Youth Ministries:

Childrens Church:  Karen Ray, Donna Albritton, Donna Huckaby, Edith Sweeting

Wednesday night Kids:  Judy Schaefer, Jodi Schaefer,  Jacky Schaefer, Denise Cross, Donna Huckaby

Youth and Teens:  Carol Shepherd, Gene Bigsby III, Yorlenny Bigsby