North Hillsborough Baptist Church
Come meet with Us as we meet with God
235 North Hillsborough Avenue
Arcadia Florida 34266

Dear Friend:

We are so glad that you chose to attend North Hillsborough Baptist Church.  We want you to feel welcome and comfortable from the time you walk in the door. We  invite you to worship with us in song, in prayer, in praises to our Lord, Jesus
Christ, in teaching, preaching, tithes and offerings, and in fellowship one
with another. 

We look forward to knowing you better. We have many services and
activities and we invite you to become a part of the Family of God here at North Hillsborough Baptist Church.

So Come in, sit back, relax, raise your voice and heart with us in praise and worship. We know you will find your experience to be enjoyable, spiritually
fulfilling, and comforting to your heart and soul. 

The Pastor and Members
Of North Hillsborough Baptist Church